Drunk beautiful Pingjiang, meet the misty rain of spring

From:IN姑苏微信公众号 Release Date:2021/4/14 21:08

The misty rain enters Pingjiang, misty like a dream, and a spring rain falls, and Pingjiang Road adds a somewhat hazy poetic beauty. The bluestone slabs along the way, dotted with ink, rippling blue waves, and rain sounds like music. In the trance, people deeply feel the Jiangnan style that the literati of the past did not hesitate to paint.


The endless rain scene, the endless elegance, and the swaying hand-cranked boat, feel the most authentic and indifferent life in the south of the Yangtze River.

Jiangnan's gentle tune sounded fromears, it was thebarge-woman singing their "Suzhou Impression" gently.

As the boat drifted away, the singing dissipated in the rain, leaving only the blue waves drawn by the oars.

On the boats that came and went, there were travelers who were full of longing for Suzhou.

They took out the camera, or the mobile phone, and pressed the shutter to keep the most beautiful memory of Pingjiang in their hearts.

The cruise on the Pingjiang River in the rain has changed into another charm, pure and beautiful, which makes people immersed and nostalgic.

After the baptism of the spring rain, Pingjiang Road glowed with a different kind of vitality, beautiful and speechless, to be treated carefully.

In fact, the beauty of life is everywhere. From another perspective, the reflection in the small puddle may hide the amazing scenery.

The picturesque Jiangnan, waiting for you here. In the drizzle, we met in Pingjiang for a beautiful Jiangnan misty and rainy appointment.

Photography: Mi Jiajia