How many past events in Yizhuang are all being talked about with laughter

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Yizhuang, founded by FanZhongyan in the Northern Song Dynasty, was a family charity organization that was born to live in and support the tribe. There have been many Yizhuangs in the history of Suzhou, but now everything has disappeared with the wind, only the remains are left, telling the past.

Wang's Song Fen Yizhuang

Wang's Song Fen Yizhuang built by the Pingjiang River, you can see the grandeur of the building without entering the door.

How many past events in Yizhuang are all being talked about with laughter

After protection and restoration, the original appearance has been preserved to a great extent.

Today, Wang's Song Fen Yizhuang is radiating new vitality In tradition.

Jiang's Yizhuang

Jiang's Yizhuang was founded by Jiang Zhaolie and others in accordance with the wishes of his great-grandfather Jiang Gao In the 9th year of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty, and was also called Songyin Yizhuang.

A wall is separated, the residents come and go, laugh and laugh, maybe this is what the master of Yizhuang wants to see most at the beginning of the establishment of the Yizhuang.

Under the blue sky, Jiang’s Yizhuang is there quietly, and it will continue to witness the prosperity of the world.

Pan's Songlin Yizhuang

In Pan's Songlin Yizhuang, a small wooden door divides the many stories inside and outside the house, leaving only people to dream about it.

Ding's Jiyang Yizhuang

How many past events in Yizhuang are all being talked about with laughter

Although the Ding's Jiyang Yizhuang is no longer in the past,but It costa huge amount of money to build it ever.

Although the Yizhuang is now declining, there are many residents living here, which can be regarded as another way to continue the road of Yizhuang.

The brick carvings are exquisite, the primitive simplicity and the vicissitudes of life, and the architectural remains are thought-provoking, letting everyone slowly recall.

Xu's Chunhui Yizhuang

Xu's Chunhui Yizhuang was founded by Xu Shuying, a filial daughter who Recognized, following the legacy of her father Xu Peizao.

After the repairs, Yizhuang has a special feeling, especially when it is sunny, the beauty of life seems to be everywhere.

Now the Daru Central Primary School is in it, and it continues to exist in this way, and it deserves the name of Xu's Chunhui Yizhuang.

Dong's Yizhuang

After a hundred years of historical changes, Dong's righteous estate has also been dilapidated and withered, and only the main hall of a thousand acres of land has been preserved intact.

How many past events in Yizhuang are all being talked about with laughter

Now that it has been renovated and repaired, it is different from the same old house, and it has preserved the sense of antiquity in modern times. This may be a better way of existence for Yizhuang.

Photography: Mi Jiajia